First Draft :Fly Away

Fly Away

Fly away
Don't look back
Spread your wings and go where the wind takes you
Hold tightly to your dreams
Don't let go

Fly Away
Don't come back
Wear white after Labor Day
Wear brown with black
Take a sip of champagne
Let go of your regrets but keep them in your memories
Hand in hand
Foot in front of foot
Fly Away
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I was recently guided to Milan Kundera, a brilliant writer, who has an amazing aptitude and gift for understanding the human psyche. His books delve deep into the places and secrets that we as human beings would rather ignore or pretend didn't exist. The parts of ourselves that perhaps we don't even know exist. I finished reading Identity and it made me want to through away all that I am and all that I have done and begin a new but I have long since realized that trying to forget the past is not as easy as writers and poets make it sound. It is a good concept but one that can not be realized. I think that I would rather keep my past regrets rather than lose them like they never existed. If you are looking for thought provoking books I would recommend reading anything by Milan Kundera. 
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No longer the same girl
Who dreamt of fairy tale endings
No longer wearing dresses of white
With ribbons of pink
No longer dreaming of prince charming
With hopes of loves true kiss

The girl in the mirror cries tears of blood
With scars unseen
and pains unknown
The girl in the mirror has eyes that are empty
no longer able to cry
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